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Using the Chrome Extension in Google Calendar
Using the Chrome Extension in Google Calendar

Using the Chrome Extension in Google Calendar

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We’re super excited to announce you can now use our Chrome extension from within Google Calendar! Read below for more information.

Before reading on, make sure you have our Chrome extension installed and that you are logged into Copper. If you already have the Chrome Extension installed, you will be prompted to accept new permissions in order to continue.

How do Google Calendar and the Copper Chrome extension work together?

When you open Google Calendar, the Chrome extension will pop open on the side of your window. You’ll notice two benefits big benefits here:

First, it provides access to Copper from within Google Calendar - no more switching tabs! View your Tasks, Opportunities, Projects, and other Copper records directly from Google Calendar.


Secondly, it shows a Participants View when you click on a calendar event, which gives you quick access to see who’s in Copper. If they are, you can click into them to see their details. If they’re not, you’ll have the option to add them as a Person or Lead (if Leads are enabled).


How do I enable the Chrome extension on Google Calendar?

If you’re installing the Chrome extension for the first time, it will work automatically in both Gmail and Google Calendar! Just make sure to accept permissions for the extension to access Gmail and Google Calendar.

If you already have the Chrome extension installed, you’ll be prompted to accept new permissions to allow it to access Simply accept those permissions and it will start working in Google Calendar!


What happens if I don’t accept the new permissions for the Chrome Extension?

If you choose not to accept those permissions, the Chrome extension will be disabled in both Gmail and Google Calendar. To re-enable it, open your extension settings and turn the extension back on. You’ll be prompted to accept the access permissions for


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