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Using and Syncing Email Aliases
Using and Syncing Email Aliases

Using and Syncing Email Aliases

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In this article, we will discuss:

What is an Email Alias?

An alias is a secondary email address you can send and receive emails from. Emails sent to an alias are automatically forwarded to your primary email. Conversely, you can use an alias to send and reply to emails from within your primary email inbox.

Click here for Google's instructions in setting up an alias.

How does Copper sync email aliases?

Copper will sync emails sent to and from your aliases as long as:

  1. Your primary Gmail address is the one you used to sign up for Copper.

  2. The sender, recipient, or someone who is cc’d in that email chain is saved as a Lead or Person in Copper.

For example, let’s say our primary inbox is and our alias is As long as Dwight signed up for Copper using, emails sent to and from his alias will also be synced to Copper.

If you do not want to sync aliases into your Copper account, you will have to delete those addresses from your Gmail account.

Sending Email from an Alias with Copper Chrome Extension

To send an email through an alias with our Chrome Extension:

  1. Open Gmail and sign into the Copper Chrome extension.

  2. Start composing an email.

  3. In the “From” field there will be a dropdown icon beside your email address. Use the dropdown menu to select which email alias you would like to send from.

Note, we do not currently support the ability to send emails through an alias in our web app.

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