Step 1. Navigate your Copper Account

Step 1. Navigate your Copper Account

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Welcome to Copper!

This is what you'll see when you start your Copper free trial or account.


Let's get to know the main areas of this desktop app.

The Menu

On the left-hand side of your account, you see a list of icons starting with a house. To understand what each icon leads you to, click the three horizontal lines above the house. You'll see the menu expand for more context:


Let's examine each of these links at a high level:

Dashboard: Get a quick pulse on what your day will look like (see your tasks and events) and how your team is doing (dashboard reports).

Leads: See a list of prospective business opportunities.

People: See a list of individual contacts you do business with.

Companies: See a list of companies associated with the individual contacts you do business with.

Opportunities: See a list of business deals associated with the people/companies you do business with.

Projects: A list of ongoing business processes you'd like to move from open to closed.

Tasks: A list of smaller, one-off action items, such as phone calls, meetings, etc.

My Tracked Emails (Pro and Business): See when Gmail emails you've sent have been opened.

Note: As of April 2022, the 'My Tracked Emails' tab is not available for net-new customers. Users can still see when a contact opened an email in the contact record's activity feed.

Reports: Check the health of your business, pipeline, processes and team performance.

Settings: Access the tools to help you customize your account.

The Header


The bar running across the top of the interface is known as the header. This serves several important functions:

Navigation: The header always displays the name of the section you're looking at on the lefthand side. It also changes color as you move through the sections of the menu.

Search Bar: This lets you search the whole account for leads, people, companies, opportunities, projects and tasks. You can then filter your results to see just one record type.

Question Mark: This is the help button. Click it to access Support, Feedback, Getting Started and Hotkeys.

Plus Sign: Click this to create a new person, company, opportunity, project, task or lead.

Bell: Click this to see your account notifications.

While this is what you see when you first create your Copper, there are a few add-ons that make Copper even easier to use.

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