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Send and Reply from Copper setting

Send and Reply from Copper setting

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When you enable the Send and Reply from Copper's email setting, you can create emails and manage your contacts in one place: Copper.

Suddenly remember you need to send an email for tomorrow’s client meeting? Forget to send out a thank you from your last call? Shoot out a quick email straight from Copper, and you’ll never have to interrupt your workflow.

In this module we'll tackle the following:

Understand the 'Send and Reply' feature

You must have the Gmail sync set up in Copper to use the 'Send and reply from Copper' email setting. Though your emails are still being sent out to customers through the Gmail app, you'll write them and press 'Send' in Copper. As with any normal email initiated in Gmail, these emails will show up in your activity logs in Copper and your 'Sent Mail' folder in Gmail.

You'll initiate the email by clicking the email address on associated with the profile of a lead or person record in Copper. Check out the screencast below to see how it works:


You can reply to emails directly from the Copper activity log. Just hover over the email you'd like to reply to and click the arrow icon (Reply to Email) button. You can also click the email to expand it.


To enhance your communication, you can apply rich text by highlighting any word or section of your email body:


Note: Because this feature still relies on Gmail to deliver the email to the contact, you should be mindful of the Gmail daily limit of emails you can send.

Define your workflow

This feature makes your workflow simpler by letting you work from one app: Copper. It does require that you use Gmail.

  • If you use a different email client, like Outlook, you can instead select 'email links open in my default email client' from the 'Email preferences' drop-down menu in Settings > Email Settings.

  • If you use Gmail, download our Gmail Chrome Extension to add Copper to Gmail and Google Calendar.

Enable the 'Send and Reply' feature

Here are the steps to enable this feature:

  1. Sign into your Copper account, and click 'Settings' from the left-hand menu.

  2. Under 'Preferences,' click 'Email Settings'

  3. Make sure the 'Preferences' in-page tab is selected.

  4. In the 'Email Preference' drop-down, select 'Send and Reply from Copper.'

  5. If you check the 'Mark synced emails public by default' box, you're telling the system that any email synced from Gmail should be seen by all users inside your Copper. If you'd instead like to restrict email visibility, check out this article on email visibility settings.

  6. If you check the 'Use Gmail signature' box, the emails you create and send in Copper (which are then delivered to the customer via Gmail) will have your Gmail signature on them even though you technically created them in Copper.


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