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App Connector: Facebook Custom Audiences
App Connector: Facebook Custom Audiences

App Connector: Facebook Custom Audiences

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Using our App Connector to link Copper to Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to:

  • Automatically add new contacts from your Copper to a Facebook Custom Audience - no more manual importing of lists.

  • Update contacts to a Facebook Custom Audience without restarting the campaign learning process - no risk that changes in your target audience will impact your already well-oiled campaigns.

What you'll need to get started

  • Facebook ad account with admin or advertiser access. Check that you have admin or advertiser permissions for the page and admin permissions for the ad account.

  • Copper account on the Business tier, with admin access.

  • Existing Facebook Custom Audiences with at least one contact. Please ensure you've created the Facebook Custom Audience based on a customer list to update with at least one contact in it.

Creating the Connection

  1. Click Marketing Tools in the left sidebar in Copper.

  2. Select App Connector in the grey sidebar.

  3. Select Facebook Custom Audience from the list of apps.

  4. Under the Facebook logo, click Authenticate and follow the prompts.

  5. Click Create Connection.

  6. Select your Custom Audience from the dropdown. If your Custom Audience is missing, please click on "Refresh fields" —the Custom Audience should appear in a few moments.

  7. Only customer list-based audiences are supported. If your Audience doesn't please contact support via the in-app messenger icon.

  8. Click Activate.

  9. Your contacts will now be sent to Facebook Custom Audiences every 24 hours. Please note that it takes about 4 hours for Facebook to process the request, so you may experience a delay before you see the Copper contact in your Custom Audience.

Tips & Best Practices

  • App Connector will update contacts in your Custom Audience automatically.

  • Updating contacts does not restart the campaign learning phase. App Connector keeps your Custom Audiences up to date without impacting the progress of ongoing campaigns.

  • You can edit settings any time by clicking on the Edit button on the Connection under App Connector.

  • Each Facebook page can only be connected to one Copper system. If you have multiple Copper systems, you will only be able to connect your page to one of them. Please reach out to support if you'd like to connect multiple pages.

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