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Workflow Recipe - Clone a Won Opportunity
Workflow Recipe - Clone a Won Opportunity

Workflow Recipe - Clone a Won Opportunity

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This Workflow Automation recipe will automate the cloning of a "Won" opportunity into a post-sales pipeline.

More specifically, when we mark an Opportunity as Won in a the Sales pipeline, Copper will automatically create a duplicate Opportunity, marked as "Open", in the first stage of an Onboarding pipeline, and add "Onboarding" to the Opportunity name.

Please note: you must have Admin privileges in order to create a workflow automation.

Use Cases:

Duplicating an Opportunity into a Post-Sales pipeline

  • “Once a deal is signed, there needs to be a seamless handoff to our implementation team, who have a separate pipeline for their process."

Create Renewal Opportunity

  • “Our service is an annual subscription and we need to win that deal again every year.”


  • Save time on manually creating an Opportunity and remove need to re-enter data

  • Ensures that new Opportunity is created every time, removing possibility of human error

  • Data consistency and accuracy across duplicate Opportunities

Setup Instructions

  1. Click Settings > Workflow Automation and then click “Add New

  2. Name your workflow something recognizable. In this example, we’ll call it “Create Onboarding Opportunity

  3. Define the trigger as based on an Opportunity and the trigger type as “specific field is updated

  4. Add 2 trigger conditions:

    1. When the Pipeline Equals Sales (or whichever pipeline you prefer)

    2. When Status Equals Won.

  5. Set Filter Conditions to “All of the conditions are met (AND)

    When you’re finished, your trigger should look like this:

  6. mceclip0.png
  7. Define the Action type as “Create” and what it is updating as “Opportunity

  8. Add the following fields to your Action:

    • Name - Use a Formula - CONCAT(name, ": Onboarding")

    • Pipeline - Standard - Onboarding

    • Primary Contact - Use a Formula - primary_contact_id

    • Value - Use a Formula - monetary_value

    • Owner - Use a Formula - assignee_id

    • If you would like any other fields to be added to the new Opportunity, add them as a field under this Action.

      When you're finished, your Action should look like this:

    • Save your workflow

    • Turn on your workflow

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