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Reports, Dashboards, and Insights: Frequently Asked Questions
Reports, Dashboards, and Insights: Frequently Asked Questions

Reports, Dashboards, and Insights: Frequently Asked Questions

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Here, we have common questions about our Reports feature. For more general information on Reports, visit the Reports section of our Help Center.

What is the difference between Dashboards, Insights, and KPIs?

Dashboards can contain Key Performance Indicators (individual Metrics) and Insights (individual reports) from the Insights Builder

Insights are individual reports/visualizations (charts, graphs, and tables) that are built from the Insight Builder. These can be viewed individually or embedded in a dashboard.

Key Performance indicators (KPIs) are individual metrics that can be displayed on a dashboard to track key measurements.

What are Attributes and Metrics?

Attributes and Metrics are the categories of data used for Copper Reports. Copper record fields and additional data points fall into either Attributes or Metrics.

Attributes are qualitative, categorical values that can be used to show the "how" across your reports, through filtering and segmenting your data. These field types are text fields, dropdowns, and checkboxes.

Metrics are quantitative values that can be used to show the "what" across your reports with measurements and calculations. These field types are number fields, currency, and percentages.

What plans is Reports available on?

Currently, Professional and Business only. Trials do not have Reports access.

Which users are able to access and edit Reports?

By default, Admins in your Copper system are able to view and edit Dashboards and Insights. Users can access and edit the if they are granted permission by an admin - click here for more details.

If someone outside your Copper system needs to view a report, we recommend either exporting it as a PDF to them or scheduling an email for them.

Why can’t I see my data in Reports?

If you cannot see your data as expected, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have a filter applied that is limiting my view?

  2. Is the data I’m not seeing from the past couple of hours? Your Dashboards and Insights refresh their data four times per day.

How often is the data in Reports updated?

Currently four times a day.

How often are custom fields settings updated into Reports?

Currently four times a day as this is tied to the data refresh process.

How often are user roles and access permissions for Reports updated?

Currently four times a day - the user provisioning process is currently coupled to the data refresh process

How can I remove recipients from scheduled emailed reports?

No; recipients must manually unsubscribe from scheduled emails.

Why can’t I edit the Dashboards?

The Dashboard Edit button appears/disappears based on the screen width (1170 pixel limit). You may need to zoom out with your browser to get the Edit button to appear.

Why do attributes and measures disappear from the Insights Data Catalog?

When you start reporting on attributes or measures that cannot be cross reported with other sets of data, GoodData hides those unreportable items and displays the message “Unsupported measures and attributes are hidden".

What object types can be cross-object reported on?

Leads and Opportunities can be cross-reported on.

Opportunities, People, and Companies can be cross-reported amongst each other.

Projects and Tasks can be cross-reported.

What Copper features are currently unsupported in Reports?

Custom Multi-select dropdown fields, custom date fields, connect fields, and text areas are not supported

What browsers are supported for Reports?

Chrome with cookies enabled and not in incognito mode

What languages are supported for Reports?

Currently only English is supported

What timezones are supported for Reports?

Currently Pacific Time is supported

What are the key differences between Copper Legacy Reports and Reports?

  • New Reports supports:

    • Bar Charts, Bubble Charts, Bullet Charts, Column Charts, Combo Charts, Donut Charts, Headlines, Heatmaps, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Pivot Tables, Scatter Plots, Stacked Area Charts, Treemaps

    • Building custom reports & visualizations of the following types:

    • Building custom dashboards

    • Deeplinking and drilldowns

    • Configurable templates

    • Filtering and segmenting Copper objects by Copper fields

    • Reporting on Leads, Opportunities, People, Companies, Projects, and Tasks

    • Reporting across object types

    • Exporting dashboards and reports

    • Scheduling emailed exports to other users

    • Custom calculated measures

  • New Reports currently report on Pacific Time while Legacy Reports report by the time zone of the viewing user

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