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App Connector: Facebook Lead Ads

App Connector: Facebook Lead Ads

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Using our App Connector to link Facebook Lead Ads with Copper allows you to:

  • Automatically add new leads from Facebook Lead Ads to Copper β€” no need to manually export and import spreadsheets or CSVs

  • Map custom fields in Copper to the corresponding data from Facebook Lead Ads

  • Record form fills in Copper

Read below to learn how to set up this connection.

Connecting Copper and Facebook Lead Ads via App Connector


Before you start, you will need:

  • a Copper subscription on the Business tier

  • a Facebook Lead Ads account

To start,

  1. Click Marketing Tools in the left sidebar in Copper

  2. Select App Connector in the grey sidebar

  3. Select Facebook Lead Forms from the list of apps

  4. Under the Facebook logo, click Authenticate and follow the prompts

  5. Click Create Connection


You will then be taken to a page with three setup areas:

  1. Select form(s) to track: this is where you indicate which Facebook Lead Forms should flow into Copper.

  2. Map fields: this is where you indicate where each piece of information from your form should land in Copper. For example, you should map any email addresses you collect to the field for Email in Copper.

  3. Record engagement in Copper: this is where you indicate whether form fills should be recorded in a contact's activity log. We recommend you check this box!

Finally, click the blue Activate button on the top right. We then recommend testing the connection using Facebook developer tools.

Once your connection is set up, new form fills from Facebook Leads will populate in Copper within 30 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What activity type are new form fills recorded as?

When you set up the connection, Copper will automatically create an activity type called "Form Fill" and use that to record form fills on each contact.

What is a lead already exists in my Copper system?

If you have a a Lead that already exists, and who fills out your Facebook form, the connection will add an activity record for that form fill. It will not edit any fields for that existing lead.

How do I edit my connection?

Go to Marketing Tools > App Connector and you'll see an Edit button under the Facebook logo (or the logo of any other connections you've set up).

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