Sales Tax FAQ (USA)

Sales Tax FAQ (USA)

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Does Copper charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax in accordance with regulations. Please see below for the list of rates by state.

What sales tax rates does Copper charge?

As a guideline, these are the tax rates applicable to Copper subscriptions. Please note the exact rate may vary depending on the zip codes and local taxes.

  • Arizona - 8.4%

  • Connecticut - 6.4%

  • District of Columbia - 6.0%

  • Massachusetts - 6.3%

  • New York - 8.5%

  • Ohio - 7.0%

  • Pennsylvania - 6.0%

  • South Carolina - 7.4%

  • Tennessee - 7.0%

  • Texas - 8.2%

  • Utah - 7.2%

  • Washington - 9.2%

Please check your invoice to confirm your current tax rate. These rates are subject to change based on local regulations.

How does Copper determine the location of a business and if sales tax will be applied?

We determine the tax rate based on the billing address of the credit card.

Who can I contact about my non-profit or tax exemption status?

Please contact our support team through the in-app chat.

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