How to log a payment as an activity for People records using Xero

Please Note: Copper has released a native integration with Xero. To learn more about the integration and how to set it up, please read this article. Below are instructions on the Xero integration via Zapier.


For integration needs outside of our native integration, you can integrate Xero and Copper through Zapier, a third party tool. To use Xero with Zapier, you will need a premium or trial Xero account. If you are interested in Copper creating a Xero integration, please submit a feature request here.

Here is a link from Zapier showing what automation you can create between Xero and Copper:

What follows are steps to show how to log a payment as an activity using Xero.

How to log a payment as an activity for People records (not leads) using Xero:

Start a free Zapier trial from


Make a custom Activity type called "Xero payment" in copper by going to settings -> activity types.



Use the images below to guide you in building your first Zap. If these images are hard to see, please try zooming in on the page.


Log into Zapier and make a Zap

Search for Xero



Select "New payment"


Connect your Xero account by clicking "Connect a New Account" and signing into Xero

Select your Payment type

Go into Xero and make a dummy/test payment for an existing Copper customer in your Copper account so Xero can fetch it. This will only work if the email address in the Xero payment matches the email address in the People record in Copper.


Select "view your payment" to see what payment it recorded. The goal is to take this payment and have it reflect in your Copper account.



Make sure the email was passed through and that it matches an existing email address for a person (not a lead) in Copper.


For Action 2, instead of choosing an Action App, you will scroll down in the page and add a Webhook. Find the Webhooks image and select it.


After you select "Webhooks," click "show less common options" in blue


Select "Custom Request" and click "Save + Continue"


What we are going to do is a little complicated. As long as you copy/paste the text below into your page just like the completed image shows(you can zoom in on the image with your browser), you can make this work! There is text below the completed image you can use to copy/paste in. What is this step for? We are going to use the email address from the Xero payment to find the user ID in Copper.


Completed image (zoom in to your page to see more detail):



Fill out "Set up Webhooks by Zapier Custom Request" by copying/pasting the text below so it matches the image.








{"email": "do not copy text here, replace this text with the email address from action 1"}


Click  to add the email address from the Xero payment

So that it looks like this:

Click the  to add more headers till there are four

Make it look like this by copy/pasting the values below in:

X-PW-UserEmail : type your registered Copper email here

X-PW-AccessToken : Log into Copper --> Go to Settings -> API keys -> copy/paste API key here

X-PW-Application : developer_api

Content-Type : application/json




When all the fields have been filled out like the image above, hit  to test this step and then select "Create & Continue"

If it was not successful (a red error message pops up), check to make sure all fields are filled out correctly, especially make sure the quotes are around the email address

If you are successful, you should click "view your custom request" to see what it is you got back.



What we are looking for in the thing we got back is the ID:



If you find the Id as highlighted in blue above, click "Continue"



Onto step 3, let's add the next action. Search for Copper:


Select "Create Activity"

Connect your Copper account

Log in. Get your Token from Copper -> Settings -> Integrations -> Generate a Zapier token -> Copy/paste your Zapier token in "Token"

Rename the account and test it by clicking 

Click "Save + Continue"


Fill out the information as shown below. This is the step where you will use the payment from Xero to create an activity in Copper. We will use the ID found in Action 2 to do this.


Here are more detailed steps to help you complete the image above:

Select the dropdown and add "Xero payment"


For Activity Date, select Date

For Parent Type, select person

For Parent Object, scroll down and select "Use a Custom Value"

For Custom Value for Parent Object ID, scroll down to where you see 2 Custom Request and select ID

For Acting User, select the Company User you want to have the Xero payment recorded by

For details I added: "Xero payment for VALUE on DATE INVOICE-NUMBER"


Now that it is all filled out, click Continue

Make sure the ID is there along with details:

Then click 


If it was successful, click "view your activity" to see what activity you created in Copper

Here you can see that I should have a Xero payment for a Person with ID 2696279387 and Details saying "Xero payment for on 2017-01-18T00:00:00 Invoice number INV-0002"



Log into Copper, and find the person record to see if this activity was created. You can plug the ID into the URL to get the person:


If you successfully created an activity in Copper, feel free to turn on the Zap and you are done!




If you are running into issues, please submit a support request with screenshots of what you have done so far here

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