RingCentral Integration - Microphone Issues

My microphone isn't working. How do I fix this?

When you attempt to make your first call from PW, the Chrome browser will prompt you to grant access to the computer’s microphone for the browser.

Click “Allow” and this will allow the Copper app to use microphone for all subsequent calls. You only have to do this once.

To confirm that the app needs access to your audio devices, a small camera icon will appear in the address bar (shown on the right hand side of the image below).

If you click the camera icon, a pop up menu will appear, confirming the status of the microphone access:


If you've used the microphone before and it has stopped working, there can be a case when access to your computer’s microphone is blocked for your browser. You may see a camera icon with a red 'x' in the browser’s address bar.

To resolve it, click on the camera icon with a red 'x' and in the pop up select “Always allow https:’’app.copper.com to access your microphone” and click 'DONE'.

Additional information about the audio device access can be found in the Chrome Browser Support Article.


I have more than one microphone. Which one should I use?

When more than one microphone is available on the computer, the Copper app may not have access to the microphone you intend to use. This causes the audio input not to work in Copper, and the other parties on the call can not hear you. To fix this issue:

  1. Make sure the PW app does have access to your microphone
  2. Click on the icon in the address bar
  3. In the pop-up make sure “Default” is selected

  4. Click “DONE”


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