RingCentral Integration - FAQs

Q: I am having trouble making calls when I have multiple Copper tabs open on my browser!

A: When Copper is open in more than 5 tabs in the browser then only the first 5 tabs can make or receive calls. To resolve the issue:

1. Reduce the total number of tabs with the PW app open to not more than five (5)
2. Once the number of tabs is not more than 5, reload any tabs that have been unsuccessful at placing a call
3. All remaining tabs should be able to place calls now


Q: How do I dial an extension once I am on a call?

A: When using our click-to-dial functionality, the system will not read extensions separate from the phone number. To do this, you'll need to write the extension on another line. 

Q: I'm trying to call internationally and it isn't working properly.

A: Make sure the international number doesn't have 00 in front. That format does not work in this system. 


 Q: I can't seem to make calls anymore

A: A prior phone call may have gotten stuck. This can sometimes be caused by having too many browser tabs open.

Go to Settings -> Phone Settings -> FORCE END CALL



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