RingCentral Integration - Make, Receive and Log Calls

How to make a call

You have two options when making a call inside Copper via RingCentral: click-to-dial or using the phone icon in the Copper app.

When in the our app, go to the contact record of the individual you are trying to call. Hover over their phone number and click! This will dial your contact. This functionality unfortunately will not work in the Chrome Gmail and Inbox extensions.


You can also enter a number you want to dial by clicking the phone icon in the top right corner of your Copper app. A dial bar will appear next to the phone to type in the desired phone number.


How to take a call

An incoming call will appear at the top of your Copper app. If you click the contact’s name before answering, their contact record will appear on your screen. You can answer the call by pressing ‘Answer’ and Copper turns into a phone! You may also press ‘Ignore’ if you need to take the call at another time.

Receiving a call from an unsaved number? You can save the contact directly from the phone call by clicking on the Add Contact icon after you've answered the call. It will prompt you to add a contact.


How to log a call and notes

When you are on a call, the Copper will turn into a phone with a web phone bar at the top. There are four icons. The icon furthest to the right is a notes bubble. Click on that to open the notepad and write anything important you need from a call. The note will default to be a call, but you may want to click on the drop down and categorize it by what type of call it was ie: left voicemail, etc.

Even if your call ends before you are done taking notes, the note bubble will stay open until you hit ‘save’. Never worry about losing notes again!

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