How to put multiple pipelines in one spreadsheet


I am using the default pipelines - Sales and Business. In the Opportunities view, I only have two options, view all my Opportunities in the Sales Pipeline, or choose to view all my Opportunities in the Business Pipeline. How can I show a listing of all my Opportunities for both Sales and Business pipelines combined?


We do not have this feature available. We recommend using our free Google Sheets add-on to make a custom report where you can include all your Pipelines.


1. Download the free Copper Google Sheets add-on

2. Make a copy of this Google Sheets report and load your pipelines in place of the three different pipelines showing in the tabs to make it look like this (follow the instructions on the "instructions" tab)

Tab "Report1" is all your opportunities side by side
Tab "Report2" is all your opportunities in list view. Copy over the formula in cell A1 to recreate this view.

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