How to create a Google form to create a lead in Copper


I'm trying to integrate Copper with Google docs. I need to create form letters using data from Copper (client name, company name and address).



You can do this with Zapier and Google forms. However, you will have to split address into different fields. The link below will take you to a template to setup this Zap in your system. We've also included instructions in the document below. 




0. Make a Google form that collects data in a Google sheet:

When you have added questions to your form, make sure you click the green plus icon to "Create Spreadsheet"

1. After you have created a form that records responses in a Google Spreadsheet, create a Zapier connection with your Copper account by starting a free Zapier trial:

2. When you have a Zapier account, click "Make a Zap!"

3. Search for Google Forms

4. Click "New Response in Spreadsheet"

5. Click "Save + Continue"

6. Click "Connect a New Account"

7. Connect your Google form spreadsheet and worksheet (tab) name and hit "Continue"



8.  Zapier will ask you to make a test form entry

9. Go to your Google form and click the eye icon so it says "Preview" when you hover over it

10. Fill out the form with dummy information and click "Submit"


11. Go back to Zapier and click "Fetch & Continue"

12. When it returns test successful, click "view your response in spreadsheet"

13. Remember the name of the form entry

14. Hit continue

15. For the next Action App, search for Copper

16. Select "Create/Update Lead"


17. Connect your Copper account

18. Go to the "Edit Template"

19. First step is the match by type: you can choose name or email (this is to avoid creating duplicates in Copper)

20. Then click the icon:

21. Drop down options will appear

22. Select the email address from the Google form

23. Fill out the rest of the Zap



24. Click "Continue" 


25. Hit "Create & Continue"

26. Click "view your lead"

Remember the ID

Find the lead in Copper by Name and confirm the ID


If it created successfully, you can go to Zapier, and select "Finish" and you are done!


Full Zap looks like this:


We also have a create/update lead action available. Here is an example of how to use it. I have also put a filter in there, but the filter is not necessary. You will have to match by email. Note: Leads must have a name. If your leads do not have a name, it will error out. I recommend putting name in the "Full Name" section. If you can not see this image, please zoom in on your screen.




You can also use create/update person instead:




If you run into any issues, make a request here and we can help!







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