How do I import activities for people records using Zapier?

This is a guide on how to import activities for People records as one specific user in your system. If you need to import activities for leads, or opportunities, etc., or for different users you will have to copy the Zap below and edit it. This Zap can only be built for one user for one type of record at at time.


1. First import your people records into ProsperWorks. Why? You will need those IDs.


2. After you have imported all your records, export the data out by going to Settings -> Export Data -> export People. It will arrive in your Gmail. Open up those spreadsheets and scroll to the far right to find the ProsperWorks ID column.


3. Create a new Google sheet and copy/paste your activities here. Create a new column called ProsperWorks ID. You will need to copy/paste the ID of the person record you found from step 2.


This is what it will look like:

4. Open up an account with Zapier. It comes with a free trial:

5. Once you have an account, make a Zap:

6. Search for Google sheets


7. Select updated spreadsheet row



8. Connect your Google account 


9. Select the Google spreadsheet that has the activities in it, it refers to the right tab where the data is and select the column "Update"

10. Test this step and click Fetch and continue


11. Click "view your spreadsheet row"


12. Make sure all the data is entered correctly


13. Click Continue and create a new action. Search for ProsperWorks


14. Select Create an Activity and select continue


15. Connect your ProsperWorks account



16. In the Activity Type area, Select and select the activity type you would like the activities to log as. Here I chose Note.



17. Pass the values into the template so it looks like this:

18. Click Continue


19. Make sure the data is correct and click "Create & Continue"



20. If it is successful, click view your activity

21. Find the parent ID for the newly created activity


22. Log into your ProsperWorks and open any person record:


23. Replace the number at the end of the URL highlight above with your parent ID and hit enter



24. What you did was search a person record by parent ID using the URL. You should now see the activity that you created using Zapier. Here is mine:



If you have any questions, please make a support request, here





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