How to manage inactive contacts


What is the best way to deal with inactive people? Does Copper use inactive days? How can I create an automation to see if the contacts in Copper are still in the market to do business with me? Should I remove them and archive them?


'Inactive' are often good buckets for your sales team to attack at a later date. Here are some ideas on how to tackle inactive people:

1. Go to settings > automated actions > create an automated task with entity Person and Trigger "Inactive days is more than" to follow up if there's been X days of inactivity

(Automated Actions are available in Professional and Business Edition plans)



2. Go to settings > custom fields > create a checkbox where you can 'archive' abandoned people and filter for them later


3. In opportunities, regularly filter for all your lost and abandoned deals with close dates of 3-6 months ago


4. Create an automation when you mark an opportunity as abandoned or lost to check back accordingly.

Go to settings > automated actions > create an automated task with entity Opportunity and Trigger 'Status is changed to.'

When you get the notification that the status is changed, think of it as an opportunity to check back with the customer to see if there is a new opportunity to be had. 



5. In opportunities, regularly go to list view and sort the inactive days column


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