Report on records by Tag


If you'd like to report on a number of records with the same tag, we've built a tool through our Custom Report Builder that will allow you to export a list of records into Google Sheets so you can create reports.


Before you can export your activities, you'll want to get your hands on a few tools to help you:

  1. Get a copy of our spreadsheet. When you click this link, you'll then click the blue 'Make a copy' button to open the doc.
  2. Download our Custom Report Builder.

Report on Tags

  1. Open this spreadsheet on how to extract records by Tag
  2. Click the blue 'Make a Copy' button to create your own version of the spreadsheet.
  3. There is a box in the spreadsheet that says 'Get records by tag.' You'll need to fill this out:Screen_Shot_2018-01-10_at_3.00.49_PM.png
    • In the 'Record' dropdown menu, choose the record type you want to extract.
    • In the 'Tag' field, enter the Copper tag you need to search this record type. (Be sure to check 'Settings' > 'Tag Management' in Copper to confirm how the tag is set up in your system because it is case sensitive in the spreadsheet).
    • In the 'Copper Email' field, enter your registered Copper email address. 
    • In the 'Copper API Token' field, enter an API token you generate from Copper
      • Sign into your Copper account and click 'Settings' from the lefthand menu.
      • Click 'API Keys' from the 'Preferences' section.
      • Click the blue 'Generate API Key' button.
      • Copy and paste the key into the 'Copper API Token' field in the spreadsheet.
  4. In the spreadsheet's top menu, click 'Copper' > 'Extract RecordsScreen_Shot_2018-01-17_at_2.10.20_PM.png
  5. Click 'Continue' to allow the script to run.
  6. Sign into Copper if prompted.
  7. Click 'Advanced,' then 'Go to Copper Record Extractor' on the next page.
  8. Click to 'Allow' Google to 'View and Manage your Spreadsheets in Google Drive.'

  9. A new tab will appear at the bottom of your Google Sheet with your data. This can take up to 10 minutes or more depending on how many records you have.

A few things to note:

If you make a mistake, delete the sheet that was created by right clicking on the tab. Then, refresh the google spreadsheet and run through the instructions again.

If you want to run another query, refresh the page and run through the instructions again. This time around, it will not ask you to authorize. If you are running a query for the same tag, you will have to rename the sheet that you already created. Right click on the sheet and click 'Rename.'

If you would like to edit the script directly, from your copy of the spreadsheet, please go to Tools > Script Editor.

Still have questions?

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