Auto-log calls and texts via RingCentral


Please note, our advanced automations start with a $48 monthly fee in addition to your subscription and must be purchased directly through Copper.  

This automation enables automatic call and SMS logging across your RingCentral account.  Logged calls and SMS will be added as Activities in Copper.

Setting up your Workflow

To enable the automation, follow these steps:

1.  Sign up for a free account with, which is the tool we use to create the automation:  Sign up for

2.  Once you have signed up, you will need to configure the RingCentral automation: Click here to start the configuration  

3. Once you've followed the link above, you will get to the following screen.  At this step you will need to log into your Copper account and create the following Activity Types (as shown on this configuration step):

It's important to note that this workflow requires your users emails in Copper to match the emails on their profile in RingCentral.

4.  Connect your RingCentral account.  You must be a RingCentral Admin to do this:


5.  Connect your Copper account:


6.  You will then need to map the call types to the Activity Types you created in Copper for step 3


7.  The final step is to enable the workflow:

Workflow Considerations

This success and operation of this workflow is dependent on a few different items

  • Each user must be registered with the same email address in both Copper and RingCentral
  • For a call or text to sync into Copper, the contacts phone number must be stored on a Lead or Person record inside of Copper
  • The automation runs each hour, so there will be a delay from the time of the call to when it syncs into Copper
  • If the workflow stops operating, a common issue is the authentication of the accounts (Copper & RingCentral).  You can troubleshoot this by logging into your account and re-configuring the workflow to set up a new authentication.

If you run into any issues, please fill out this form, and we will send you the instructions and you will be able to alert us of the issue.

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