RingCentral Integration - Troubleshooting Issues

Please try the steps below:

  1. Go to Ring Central -> Settings
  2. Click Calls
  3. Click outgoing 
  4. Make sure it says “Direct dial”
  5. Go to “Sound” and make sure the microphone works 
  6. Then go to a website like, https://www.onlinemictest.com and test your microphone. This will test the browser microphone

If that does not work:

  1. Go to your Chrome settings menu -> more tools -> extensions 
  2. Do you have the RingCentral extension installed? If so, please disable it.


If either do not work:

  1. Restart your browser
  2. Restart the whole computer
  3. Go to Copper -> Settings -> Integrations and click to disconnect and reconnect your RingCentral account
  4. Quit the RingCentral Desktop App and try calling again
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