Okonomiyaki Web Release / November 17, 2017



Ever since we rolled out email templates in the Gmail compose window, customers have been asking us to make merge fields available and easy to use. With this release, we delivered! As of today, our users can easily leverage merge fields in their email templates and they can see merge field values when selecting templates from the Gmail compose window. By bringing more functionality to the place our users are working, we are helping our users develop more efficient workflows and delivering even more value through our product.


Update includes:

  • NEW Users can now leverage and see merge fields when selecting email templates through the Gmail compose window



Over the past few weeks, our team has focused on knocking out bugs in some of our most popular product areas, including the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension and RingCentral integration. Users should experience fewer interruptions and unexpected behaviors as we continue to remove friction within the product.


Update includes:

  • NEW Bug fixes for the Chrome Extension related to email templates and Inbox integration
  • NEW Bug fixes for the RingCentral integration related to errors when logging in and connecting 



Buh-bye, bugs! Here are some of the highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.


  • Prior to this release, some users were experiencing a problem where clearing and clicking outside the time field within the Activity Field caused the date to reset to 12/31/1969. Now, no one will be taking a time machine back to 1969 when they update their fields.
  • Before this release, we had a bunch of users who couldn’t close/dismiss the “Getting Started” section of their Dashboard even after they completed all the steps. Now, users can dismiss/close out that box as they were able to before.
  • We also fixed a bug that was causing some users to see a coded error message when replying through our Send/Reply feature.
  • Last but not least, we also fixed an issue where Zapier users were getting stuck when creating/updating lead status to “New.” Now, the lead status won’t get stuck in the “New” state.


That's all folks! Stay tuned for our next web release coming soon.




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