Pasta Web Release / November 29, 2017



One of the best things about ProsperWorks is that we help users take their CRM wherever they need to go. With this release, we’re excited to announce a new integration for users on our Professional and Business Plans. ProsperWorks, meet PersistIQ! The PersistIQ integration allows you to add ProsperWorks contacts directly to PersistIQ sales campaigns in a matter of clicks, not hours. This saves time and helps you drive opportunities forward. The best part--it doesn’t require complicated configuration.

Click here to learn more about the PersistIQ integration

Update includes:

  • NEW PersistIQ integration now available to Professional and Business Plan users



When running through long lists of tasks for the day, our users have been feeling the need for speed. With last night’s release, we delivered an improvement that will allow users to skip logging an activity when they complete a task, which helps users move more quickly through their list. Users now have a super simple way to log an activity when it’s needed, but they will no longer be interrupted when they get into a flow of completing tasks.

Update includes:

  • NEW Logging an activity is now optional when completing a task




As part of our ongoing efforts to improve workflows, we released updates to the task reminder email that provides more context for the recipient about the task at hand. Talk about easy! Check out the updated email below.

Update includes:

  • NEW Updated Task notification email with more context



Adios, bugs! Here are some of the highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.

  • With this release, we rolled some RingCentral integration fixes that addressed a mismatching extension. Overall the fixes released over the last month should contribute to smoother user experience for our RingCentral users.
  • We also rolled out a handful of small fixes in the Chrome Extension that provide a more friction-free experience for our users.
  • Prior to this release, Zapier users would see sample data when creating Zaps due to changes in Zapier’s product. With this release, we were able to deliver a solution that will pull in real data whenever possible so folks creating Zaps won’t be confused by sample data. We also fixed an error that came up when Zapier users selected Stage before Pipeline--now, there’s no error.
  • With last night’s release, we rolled out a fix that addressed a problem that caused country filters to not return the proper country info. Now, when you search for a country with a certain letter, the country dropdown results return the correct list of options to match your search criteria.



That's all folks! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

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