Nachos Web Release / November 1, 2017



With last night’s release, we gave our users the ability to access their email templates right from the compose window of Gmail and Inbox. This is a major step forward in helping our users leverage time-saving and relationship-building tools directly in their Gmail and Inbox. Talk about a magic moment! This was one of the most highly requested features related to email templates and the team delivered a sleek solution. Check it out for yourself!

NOTE: If templates are added from the compose window, you will need to fill in the merge field values. Merge field values will be automatically populated with the next release, and are already being populated if the templates are selected directly from the extension.


Update includes:

  • NEW Email templates now available via compose window in Gmail, Inbox




As of last night’s release, users can now track emails in Prosperworks that are sent through Google Inbox. This is a another big step forward in extending our email tracking support so that our users have a consistent experience across all Google email products. Now, if a user sends an email through Gmail, Inbox, or directly via Prosperworks, all those emails are tracked in our product.


Update includes:

  • NEW Emails sent through Inbox can be tracked/recorded in Prosperworks



As part of our ongoing workflow improvements, we just made it easier for our users to quickly complete To-Do tasks without logging an activity. Now, when a user completes a To-Do task, the user is not prompted to log notes with that activity and the title of the To-Do speaks for itself in the activity log. Cheers to fewer clicks!


Update includes:

  • NEW No longer need to log activity notes with To-Do tasks




With last night’s release, we rolled out 2 new Zaps that our Zapier users have been requesting. Now, users are able to 1) create or update an Opportunity by an Opportunity ID and also 2) relate a task to a record. These new Zaps help our users work smarter by providing additional flexibility to manage records in Prosperworks.


Update includes:

  • NEW Added the ability to create/update an Opportunity by Opportunity ID
  • NEW Added the ability to relate a task to a record



Adios, bugs! Here are some of the highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.

  • RingCentral users were experiencing an issue where clicking on a phone number link in PW would open another tab instead of dialing a call--now it should only dial a call.
  • Prior to this release, some users were reporting that the Dashboard Leaderboard tab wasn't reporting correctly--and it’s been corrected.
  • For Zapier users, we rolled out a fix that improves the Zap creation process for custom dropdown fields.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing elements in the UI  to pull apart/separate in Safari when using a Magic Mouse.
  • We also fixed an issue that was preventing bulk edit changes to visibility to not save. Now, when users make bulk edit changes to visibility, the changes save across all records selected for editing.
  • We fixed an extension bug that was preventing the right records from showing when you used the navigation.



That's all folks! Stay tuned for more exciting updates in our next release.


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