Jamon Web Release / September 6, 2017




The wait is officially over! Email bulk send functionality is now available to all ProsperWorks users. With this new bulk send feature, our users will be able to nurture relationships with customers via email more efficiently directly through ProsperWorks. This new email bulk send functionality gives our users the power to send emails faster, make stronger connections, and sell more. Big thanks to all the customers who participated in our beta program. Go check out this feature now!





We're also excited to announce that email templates are now available to all ProsperWorks users. Email templates are designed to help our users work smarter, not harder. Email template functionality includes the ability to save email subject lines, email content, use merge fields, and more. Go create a template to test out your new tools now! 



Have you used the ProsperWorks Google Sheets Add-on lately? If you haven't discovered this highly useful feature, take a look at the Add-ons available to you the next time you're in Google Sheets. You'll see ProsperWorks listed! With this release, you'll notice that now when you import data for People and Opportunities through the Google Sheets Add-on, the lead created date associated with People and Opportunities is included in the data you receive. 



What release would be complete without a few bug fixes? With this release, we fixed some miscellaneous problems that contribute to a smoother, more efficient experience with ProsperWorks. Enjoy!



That's all folks! Stay tuned for more exciting features rolling out in upcoming releases.

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