Hashbrowns Web Release / August 9, 2017



We recently rolled out a beta program to test exciting new functionality for sending bulk emails. We’re already gathering highly useful performance and usage data as loads of bulk send emails are sent each day by our beta users. With this round of updates, we rolled out some additional polish items, including better messaging to users when specific emails in a batch fail to send (which is rare). Stay tuned for more details about when bulk email sending and template updates will be made available to all users.

P.S. Have you seen the sweet illustrations included in our bulk send email confirmations? Delightful. See below.

Update includes:

  • NEW Details about failed recipients now included on bulk send confirmation emails
  • NEW Additional polish items and bug fixes



One notable update that went out during this release is a url change and redirect from our old Developer API documentation to our current Developer API documentation. The new url for our API documentation is developer.prosperworks.com. We’ll have additional enhancements to the Developer API rolling out in future releases.


Update includes:


Everyone’s favorite. Here are some highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.

  • Now, when a user completes a task that was appearing as a notification under the bell icon, that task will be removed from the list as done. Previously, there was an error that was preventing some notifications from being dismissed.
  • The Create Opportunity box wasn’t always pre-checked when you convert leads through the web app, which created inconsistent workflows. Now, the Create Opportunity box is always pre-checked when you convert a lead through the web app.
  • In the Chrome extension, clicking on a related company or contact record through the detail view will now open the related record details only through the Chrome extension instead of opening it in both the Chrome extension and in a new tab via the web application.
  • When Required Fields warning messages surfaced, users used to be blocked from adding more data to that field. Now, warning messages on Required Fields will go away automatically when the user corrects the issue.
  • When a multi-select dropdown option was removed from a custom field, leads that contained that removed option could not be converted--now they can.
  • Now, when a user who has ‘Send and Reply through ProsperWorks’ enabled clicks the Contact Sales button on a Delinquent Account, it correctly opens a compose email window. Prior to this release, users in that situation were blocked--ah, sweet relief.
  • Before this release, when you changed the Visibility setting on a person to Everyone, there was an error that displayed a confusing “Everyone (0 people)” message to users. Now, the Visibility setting will display as “Everyone.”



That's all, folks! Stay tuned for more features and fixes rolling out in our next web release in a few weeks.



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