Gelato Web Release / July 26, 2017



One of the most important features we provide through our web app is the ability to easily and efficiently send and track emails to nurture leads and close deals. With this most recent round of updates, our users are more empowered to send large batch emails through bulk email sends to primary contacts of Companies and Opportunities. NOTE: THESE UPDATES ARE PART OF A LIMITED BETA RELEASE.

Update includes:

  • NEW Ability to send bulk emails to primary contacts of Companies
  • NEW Ability to send bulk emails to primary contacts of Opportunities


Our users want it to be drop dead easy to kick off emails to their leads and opportunities, and we just made it even easier. Now, our users can save subject lines with templates and leverage merge fields in both templates and subject lines. NOTE: THESE UPDATES ARE PART OF A LIMITED BETA RELEASE.

Update includes:

  • NEW Ability to set a saved subject line with email templates
  • NEW Ability to use merge fields in subject lines in email templates (e.g. "Here's looking at you, #Name")





If you were to research the top requested features our Customer Success team receives every week, you would see API enhancements ranked consistently at the top of the list. That’s why in Q3, we’re going to knock out as many Developer API feature requests as possible. With this release, we rolled out some highly requested API enhancements, and there’s a lot more where these come from. Stay tuned for more Developer API enhancements in upcoming web releases.

Update includes:

  • NEW Added date_last_contacted field to the Opportunities response
  • NEW Added lead creation date to People and Opportunities responses



Our Customer Success team has handled case after case of account owners being confused about how to remove Company Users without losing important data and assigned work. Our bad! As a result, we’ve improved the messaging that appears when account owners remove a user to make it more clear what exactly will happen and proactively offer a way to make reassigning work easier before deleting the user.




Adios bugs. Here are some highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.

  • Lead Statuses are now listed in the correct order on the Filter view as specified on the Settings>Lead Management page.
  • Special characters (such as ') were breaking displays in the Reports section--now, they won't cause errors.
  • Now, when you add a person from "Add from ProsperWorks," each person's company name appears in the list so you can quickly find the right person to add.
  • It's now easier to fix multiple related errors at once when cleaning up errors on file Imports.
  • Sometimes you would see the words "custom list" appear when you were navigating between different sections of ProsperWorks. Now, you'll see a more appropriate "Loading" message.
  • Long tags are now shortened with an ellipsis in limited views and display the full tag name when you hover your cursor over the tag (why hello there, full tag name).
  • Now, when you edit a long tag, you can scroll sideways until you reach the end of the tag so it's easy to see what you're editing.
  • Now, you'll be able to remove long tags from your filter selections without having to click Clear All.
  • Previously, users could save a required Address field that only had a space entered in the field. Now, the system will enforce text input (ie usable info) on required Address fields.




That's all, folks! Stay tuned for more web updates soon.



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