Egg Roll Web Release / June 28, 2017


Update on Import

  • Our new data import tool allows you to match records between what's imported via your file and existing records in ProsperWorks.
  • For more information on how the tool works, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Required Fields

  • We have added the ability for System Admins to make certain fields required when creating a new record, which ensures that all critical data you need is in your CRM.
  • Learn more about setting and using required fields here.

Opportunities Summary per Company (Admins only)

  • System Admins can now see a chart summarizing information about opportunities related to a company record.
  • This information is displayed on the right hand side of a company record, in the related opportunites section.
  • The bar shows won opportunities in green, lost opportunities in red, open opportunities in blue and abandoned opportunities in yellow, by value.
  • The list of opportunities is also grouped by stage.


Default List Views
  • Do you have a favorite list view that you access more frequently than others? Whether on the Lead, People, Companies, Opportunities, Projects or Task page, you can now choose your default list view.
  • To select your default for any record, go to the dropdown menu showing all saved filters and select the star icon next to the list view of your choice.
  • Each pipeline can have a designated default list view.
  • Note that as part of this improvement, ProsperWorks will direct you to the last visited pipeline every time you start a new session, as long as you're using the same browser and computer.

API Improvements

  • The last contacted date field is now available for People and Leads.

Chrome Extension

  • The Extension now supports Chrome 59 notifications for Mac.
Bug Fixes:
  • When trying to access a list view of records that include a specific tag from your Tag Management Settings, you will no longer see an error.
  • You are no longer able to enter the same email address twice for a contact.
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