Adobo Web Release / May 3, 2017


Email Feature Improvements:
  • You can send an email inline from the activity log section of a record.
  • You can reply to emails inline right from the activity log.
  • A new design of the activity log allows you to easily identify if you're logging a note, activity or sending an email

API Updates:

  • You can search Companies, People, Leads and Opportunities by name.
  • Interaction counts are available for Leads, People, Companies, and Opportunities.

Slack Improvement:

  • You can now select Private Slack channels to receive notifications. Admins can edit the Slack settings to do so.
Small Delights:
  • Activity notes are preserved, even if you navigate away from a page before saving the note.
  • Suggested Contacts can now be selected when you are relating a person to a record.
  • "My Open Projects" filter option is now available by default for Projects.
  • Win Percentage is now available as a column for the Opportunity List View.
  • Tab names reflect details of that tab page, so it's easier to switch back and forth between the ProsperWorks tabs you have open.
  • Dashboard reports now show the date range of the displayed data.
Bug fix:
  • Color of overdue tasks updates properly when the status of a task is changed
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