Yellowfin Web Release / April 6, 2017


Email Send and Reply:
  • You can add BCC recipients to email sent from ProsperWorks.
  • You can add an @mention to edited activity logs.
Bug fixes:
  • The wide line spacing has been fixed for emails sent via ProsperWorks.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an error when searching the API for entities by custom_fields returns 
  • We fixed an issue that was keeping Zapier notifications from triggering when a record was created via import.
  • An error will now show when you try to import more than 255 characters for a custom text field.
  • Contacts show MailChimp campaigns that were specifically sent to them, rather than any MailChimp campaign sent to the list that contact is part of.
  • Slack notifications from ProsperWorks will now show the correct currency
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