Queso Release / November 30, 2016


Google Slides Integration (available on all plans)

  • Create customized sales presentations with our new Google Slides integration.
  • Turn data from an Opportunity into a customized presentation in Google Slides with no required manual data entry.
  • Learn more about Google Slides integration.

Webhooks (available on Professional and Business plans)

  • Build integrations with ProsperWorks by using our new Webhooks notifications.
  • When records are created, updated or deleted in ProsperWorks, your integrated systems can receive a notification from ProsperWorks.
  • Learn more about Webhooks.

Multi select custom fields (available on all plans)

  • Create new custom fields that support multiple options.
  • You can assign multiple options from a multi-select field, filter by these options, bulk update, import, export and access them via the Dev API.
  • Learn more about multi select custom fields.


Dev API updates
  • Activity data now includes Opportunity Status Change events
  • Custom field definitions now include the entity names where the custom fields are available
  • New endpoint to list up to 200 system users per page
  • Fixed a bug that caused Opportunities to be created without a Primary Contact
List view
  • Improvements to the loading state of list views
Opportunity names
  •  A tooltip now shows the full text of long opportunity names
Dashboard reports polish
  • Sales and Pipeline reports on the dashboard will now display count summary information when you select the "Count" radio button. 

Bug fixes:

  • The lead file import will now include the Lead Status.
  • The Last Contacted and Status Updated date fields will display in the correct format if you change the date format to DD/MM/YYYY.
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