Maple Syrup Release / Sept 22, 2016


Global Search Improvements (available on all plans)

  • Improved search relevancy for more accurate results
  • Pre-filter your searches by record type by appending the record type name and a colon before your search term. (ex. Company: search term)
  • Improved Search functionality now also available on the Chrome extension

 Leaderboards (available on Business Plan)

  • New tab on the Company Dashboard for Leaderboards which will show top performers in goal attainment, closed opportunities, converted leads and completed activities. 
  • This feature is currently available for admin users and team leads


Date Picker Improvements

  • Look & feel and interaction has been updated
  • Manually type dates into the date field vs having to click and select in the calendar view

Global Search

  • The suggested search results will show results for all record types
  • Load spinning no longer spins forever when searching a record name with a parenthesis
  • The search text no longer turns black when you push Escape Key (Esc) while searching.
  • UI updates for displaying the search bar and results correctly in Internet Explorer and Firefox

Pipeline Progression Report

  • The report now loads faster
  • Fixed an issue that was showing a 0 dollar value under each stage
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