Lasagna Release / Sept 7, 2016



Improved Global Search Search (available on all plans)

  • Global search is new and improved! It now includes a search results page and additional functionality that allows you to search by selected detail fields (including, but not limited to tags, description, and title) as well as selected custom fields (text fields, text areas, drop down, and URL).
  • Also, the logic has been tweaked to try and ensure the most relevant results come up at the top of the list so you can find what you're looking for, faster

 Goals by pipeline (available on Business plan)

  • Goals can now be set specific to a pipeline

Deal History in the API (available on Professional and Business plans)

  • You can now access deal history from the API



Date picker improvements (available on all plans)

  • The date range picker has been updated to allow you to manually type in your dates instead of clicking back and selecting a date from the calendar


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