Lime Web Release / October 5, 2017


We know CRM is all about workflow optimization, which is why we’re excited to announce that we just released the first of many workflow improvements scheduled to roll out over the next few months! With this release, we gave users the ability to associate an activity type with a task, which is the first step toward a larger improvement that will automatically prompt users to enter notes about their activity (ie meeting, phone call, etc.) as they are completing the task--which is coming out in a few weeks. Click here to learn more about tasks and upcoming improvements.

Update includes:

  • NEW Activity Types added to Tasks (part 1)





When it comes to tracking customer data and team performance, list filtering is super important. In fact, when we asked current customers what feature upgrades they appreciated most, filter improvements was one of the top responses. With this release, we rolled out the first of many filter improvements that will allow users to find records that are missing data (so users can filter/export more complete data sets and troubleshoot workflows that lead to empty data). With last night’s release, we gave users the ability to find records that have No Source, as well as records that have No Loss Reason. We have additional empty field filters coming out soon, so stay tuned!

Update includes:

  • NEW Users can now filter by No Source and No Loss Reason





Zapier users will be happy to know that as of last night’s release, we added functionality to allow users to set and update Status when creating an Opportunity or Lead in Zapier. We also updated our Zaps for Create Lead and Create/Update Lead to make email address optional. Both changes make our Zaps more usable and were highly requested by our Zapier users. Enjoy!

Update includes:

  • NEW Added the ability to set Status for Opportunities and Leads when creating Opportunities and Leads in Zapier
  • NEW Updated our Zaps for Create Lead and Create/Update Lead to make email address optional



Sayonara, bugs! Here are some of the highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.

  • Prior to this release, our Email Templates weren’t loading properly in Inbox, and now they do.
  • In the Activity By User Report, the Saved Filter was getting stuck on a Custom List and wasn’t allowing you to save a new filter set--now you can.
  • We fixed a problem that was causing incorrect tabs to open in the extension when you clicked on the company name link.
  • Prior to this release, users were experiencing a weird overlapping text issue when adding multiple entries to some required fields; now there’s no weird overlapping text.
  • Before this release, when you looked at the collapsed view of related records in Opportunities, the count would be wrong. Now, the counts of related records in the collapsed view and the expanded view all match correctly.
  • Long task names used to be cut off and you couldn’t see the full task name, but now when you hover your cursor over long task names, you’ll see the full task name in a tooltip. How delightful!

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for exciting features and fixes rolling out in our next release.



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