Kettle Corn Web Release / September 20, 2017




One of the first things we heard from users after we rolled out Email Templates was “I would love to have email templates in the Chrome extension!” Ask, and we deliver. With this release, we were able to add our new Email Template functionality directly into the Chrome extension, so as users are cruising through Gmail, they can easily access and leverage their Email Templates from ProsperWorks. Talk about easy!

Update includes:

  • NEW Added Email Templates to our Gmail Chrome Extension so users can access their templates from PW in Gmail




With this release, we fixed some interaction bugs related to sample templates and merge fields. Now, users can maintain their momentum as they breeze through sending emails with the new Email Templates feature.

Update includes:

  • NEW Fixed: Sample template was unselectable when it was missing a Subject Line
  • NEW Fixed: Merge fields were showing up undefined when referring to a deleted user



In this round of updates, we updated the Dev API to include webhook notifications when new user activities are logged in ProsperWorks. That means, whenever a user logs an action on the Activity feed, our Dev API users will be able to receive that new activity information. This was a highly requested update from our Dev API users.

Update includes:

  • NEW Added webhook notification for new user activities to Dev API



With this release, we rolled out a change that will make our RingCentral<>ProsperWorks integration refresh and fetch any new extensions added through RingCentral every time a user goes to the RingCentral extensions list page in ProsperWorks. This change also makes it so users don’t have to disconnect, reconnect, and remap all their users to their proper extensions each time they add a new extension through RingCentral. We also fixed a bug that was blocking some users from logging in for the first time. Hello, sweet relief.

Update includes:

  • NEW RingCentral extensions will automatically refresh to pull in new extensions added when you go to the RC<>PW integration page
  • NEW Fixed: Bug that was not allowing users to login for the first time



Buh-bye, bugs. Here are some of the highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.

  • We fixed some performance issues that were impacting the Opportunities Pipeline view.
  • "Drag file here to attach" was showing incorrectly when clicking/dragging thumbnail of Gmail attachment from an email. Now, "Drag file here to attach" will only appear as an overlay in the Chrome extension panel when a user is clicking/dragging a file from their downloads bar.
  • Our Slack integration was getting stuck in the connected state after disconnecting--now it doesn’t get stuck.
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn’t successfully bulk edit a list of records if you didn’t have visibility permissions for all the list items.
  • We made some changes to make imports through the Google Sheets Add-on load faster.


That's all folks! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.






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