In-N-Out Web Release / August 23, 2017


The team has been making steady progress adding more polish to email bulk send functionality and email templates. Through the beta program, we’ve been able to gather key insights into performance and usage that have helped us improve the product experience. With this round of updates, we made custom fields from Leads and People available as merge fields when composing emails (so handy!) and fixed a handful of pesky bugs.

NOTE: THESE UPDATES ARE PART OF A LIMITED BETA RELEASE. Stay tuned for more details about when bulk email sending and template updates will be made available to all users.

Update includes:

  • NEWAdditional fields available as template merge fields, including custom fields types from Leads and People
  • NEW Bug fixes for issues related to time zones, sending emails to company users, and list view infinite scroll



Dev API users will be happy to know that as of this release, our Dev API passes through ‘before and after’ details for any updates that would appear in the activity feed in the web app (e.g. status changes, assignee changes, etc). That means instead of just seeing “ticket reassigned,” Dev API users will be able to see “ticket reassigned from Rihanna to JT.” Super useful.

Update includes:

  • NEW ‘Before and after’ details included in updates passed through Dev API


With this release, we made some usability improvements with the left-side menu navigation, so when you expand or collapse the menu, the menu stays in whatever state you left it. You may notice some usability improvements and updates like this over the coming months--our goal is to make your ProsperWorks account as friction-free as possible.

Update includes:

  • NEW Left side menu navigation expanded for first time users


Bye, bugs. Here are some highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.

  • Prior to this release, if your date format preference was DD/MM/YYYY, it would show up incorrectly as MM/DD/YYYY in reporting for Pipeline Projection Total, Pipeline Project Weighted, Sales Forecast, and Sales Performance. Now, those reports will remember and leverage your date format preference.  
  • We bumped up the size of our horizontal scroll bar on the Pipeline view so users have an easier time scrolling.
  • Prior to this release, if you set your custom currency preference to anything other than USD, your exported files would still show USD as your currency type. Now, when you set your custom currency, it carries through to exported files.

That’s all, folks! Stay tuned for more updates coming in our next web release in a few weeks.



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