Fondue Web Release / July 12, 2017


Global Search Improvements
  • When using ProsperWorks' Global Search to find content of emails, you can know open up and view the full email by clicking on the subject line that appears in the full Search results page.
  • Emails that appear as Global Search results now show the date and timestamp. 


  • Your Tags can now be up to 255 characters long.
Bug Fixes:
  • Users adding suggested contacts from the dashboard will automatically be designated as that contacts' owner. 
  • We fixed an issue that was causing the Inbox Extension notification to show up repeatedly on Chrome 59 for Mac users.
  • You can now immediately create new opportunities after having created a new pipeline.
  • Fixing records during the update on import process will no longer revert records back to the old values. 
  • "Imported On" time shown on the import confirmation message now displays in the users' timezone. 
  • When overwriting existing records that have 'Custom Checkbox' marked 'true' to 'false' the change is preserved.
  • Custom Text Fields with long names will no longer interfere with validation rules for required fields.
  • Fix a UI issue on Safari that occurred when viewing records in a list.
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