Burrito Web Release / May 18, 2017


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • You can now navigate ProsperWorks even faster using hotkeys.
  • Visit our Knowledge Base for a list of available hotkeys, or click on Shift+K to view them in app.

Any/All/None Filters

  • Filter your list views to show records that include all of your selected, none of your selected or any of your selected tags or multi-select option.
  • Want to see all records that have both tags A AND B? Filter by All. Want to see records that don't have any multi-select option? Filter by None, and select all options in the filter.


Bulk Edit Notifications
  • You will start receiving notifications when bulk edit jobs are completed. If you do not wish to receive these notifications in-app or via email, change your notification settings under System Settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • When creating a new activity log, the activity log type will default to what was set with the last saved activity.
  • We fixed an issue preventing users from creating new custom lead statuses while creating a new lead.
  • Updated photos uploaded for your records will now properly show on your detail and list views.
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