Smores Web Release / January 5, 2017


Zapier Improvements
  • You can trigger Zaps when new activities are created in ProsperWorks
Global Search
  • We now support the plus (+) symbol when searching for international phone numbers
  • Search results now show even if leading or trailing spaces are accidentally included in the search term
Settings Pages
  • We have improved the UI of some settings pages
Description fields
  • Urls in any description field are now clickable. This includes the links to emails that are included in the description of tasks created from the Gmail extension.
Bug fixes
  • We fixed an issue that was, in some instances, causing current month's opportunities in the Sales Forecast and Sales Performance reports to show in the previous month.
  • We fixed an issue that was keeping the inactive days field from promptly updating
  • We fixed an issue that was causing activity logs to be posted based on when a note was opened as opposed to saved.
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