Nanaimo Bar Release / Oct 10, 2016


Global Search Improvements (available on all plans)

  • Search by activity notes
  • When you select a search result from the search page, you will see details on the right hand side of the screen 
  • Search by opportunity status, lead status and non-primary related entities

 Leaderboards (available on Business Plan)

  • This feature is now also available for team members, in addition to admin users and team managers

Dev API update (available on Professional and Business Plans)

  • We have enhanced our Developer API endpoints so that most entities are now searchable by the date when they were created and last updated. These new search methods are now supported on:
    • Leads
    • People
    • Companies
    • Opportunities
    • Projects
    • Tasks
  • For more information on the Developer API visit our Knowledge Base.



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