Reporting Recipes: Converted Lead Opportunity Pipeline

What is this measuring?

This report enables Sales Managers to see which opportunities in their pipeline came from converted leads.

Why is this important?

This report could provide greater visibility into:

  • Lead quality - Which leads (from sources) provide the most/best opportunities? Which leads tend not to convert to opportunities? What are the trends as to why?
  • How big are the deals (value) that are in the pipeline that started out as fresh leads.

This report can also help facilitate open lines of communication between Managers and Reps to encourage the use of internal sales processes. Example: High levels of lead management activities = more converted leads to opportunities = more closed deals = greater revenue.

Create the report

  1. Use CRM Report Builder to pull in Opportunity data with your desired filter set 
  2. Filter column headers right away for table view. Using ‘Lead Created Date’ as the crux.

    If there is a date value, this means the person associated with this opp was once a lead.

  3. For a deeper data dive, select all of the data and create a pivot table using Data → Pivot Table.

  4. For the first example, setup Stages in the Row column and Status as a Column.
  5. For the Filter, select Lead Create Timestamp and make sure this filter doesn’t include ‘(Blanks)’

  6. Insert a chart after table is displaying data you would like to to be visualized

Potential Reporting Enhancements

  • Total opportunity value from completed deals, whether they are Won, Lost, Abandoned, or any combination of the three.
  • Filter Lead Create Date by month or week for more in-depth insights into converted opportunities pipeline over a certain time period.
  • See how many deals have been won or lost segmented by a certain lead source, and include their value.

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