Step 9: Add your Team Members

Your permissions are set and it's time to add your team to Copper! First, let's get a sense of the role each team member could occupy.

Understand user roles:

There are four roles you can occupy in Copper. 

Account Owner - There is only one owner of your account. This is the only person who can manage all other users (adding, deleting, etc.) and make billing decisions. The account owner can do the work of any other role.

Account Administrator (Admin) - You can have more than one Admin. These people have full access to contacts and settings permissions. Admins can see all emails and records, regardless of any visibility settings

They cannot delete an account owner or make billing decisions.

User - You can have more than one user. These are your team members. They have the essential functionality required to interact with your people, company and opportunity records to move them through the pipeline. 

Contact - Your customer. This person is represented by a person, company and/or opportunity record.

Add your team to Copper: 

If you're an Account Owner or an Admin, you can add your team members to Copper by following the instructions below:

  1. Log into your Copper account and click Settings from the lefthand menu.
  2. Scroll down to 'Manage Users' and click 'Company Users.'
  3. Click the 'Invite new users' blue button.
  4. This lightbox will appear. Let's examine each of the elements: Add1.png
    • Name: Enter the name of your team member

    • Email: Enter the email address your team member will use to communicate with contacts and potentially sync with gmail.

    • System Admin: Do you want this person to be an Admin?

    • Google Sync: Do you want this person's Google Suite information to be synced with Copper?

    • Data Export: Do you want this person to be able to export data from your account?

    • Dropbox: Do you want this person to use dropbox to sync files?

      Make your choices by filling out these fields or checking the appropriate boxes. 

  5. Click 'Save.'

Congratulations! You've added a team member to Copper. Continue adding the rest of your team. 

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