Why does a Copper link show up in my email?

Experience: When receiving or sending emails, you notice a URL showing up in an email. Upon clicking into the email, you don't see the links appear. 


If you have email tracking enabled, Copper inserts a pixel to the end of the email. Microsoft Outlook treats images differently than other email clients. If there is an image somewhere at the beginning of an email thread, Outlook displays the image location as it is part of the email message. Once the email is clicked and viewed, the image should display properly. This happens on any other email as well, not only for the ones that contain the Copper tracking pixel, or for the ones sent out through the Copper web app. As an example, here is a screenshot of an email received from Google:



Unfortunately, at this time, this is how Outlook handles images and is not something we're able to change.

There is one thing that can be improved. If the images are not being displayed properly (a box with a red "X" on them) when viewing the email, it is probably due to Outlook blocking the image to be downloaded. If the sender is a trusted person, the following steps can be done to download and view the images:

  1. Click the message that is displayed right below the email subject when viewing the email:Screen_Shot_2017-12-15_at_2.54.11_PM.png
  2. Click ‘Download Pictures’ from the dropdown menu:Screen_Shot_2017-12-15_at_2.55.35_PM.png

If the sender is trusted, “Add Sender to Safe Senders List” can be clicked to automatically download images from this user.

If the domain is trusted, “Add the Domain @somewebsite.com to Safe Senders List” can be clicked to automatically download images from this user.

If none of these displays the images properly, the following can be done. There is another issue with MS Outlook that sometimes prevents images to be downloaded properly. Get help from Microsoft on this issue here.

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