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Many customer-facing teams find themselves answering similar customer questions throughout the day. Email templates help you answer repetitive questions faster without losing your personal touch. 

In this module, we'll tackle the following

Let's get started with a video overview and then we'll jump into more details below:


Understand email templates

When you apply an email template to an email response, the answer is written for you. This helps you answer the same question many times in a single day. While the question may seem repetitive to you, the customer is probably asking it for the first time, so it's important to personalize the message. This helps the customer feel like they're communicating with a real person, not just a canned message. Merge fields pull values from default fields to add personal information to the response.

There are two Copper scenarios where you can apply an email template:

1. When 'Send and Reply from Copper' is enabled in Settings > Email Settings > Preferences. You'll see a 'Send Email' option appear above the activity log on a lead or person record.


2. When you're using our Chrome Extension for Gmail. You'll see an envelope icon in the upper right of a lead or person record. You can also apply an email template by clicking the file folder icon along the bottom of an email you're composing in Gmail.

Users on all plans can create personal email templates that are only seen by them. Admins can create shared email templates for all users to access. 


Note: Please review Gmail's daily send limits to ensure your Gmail integration is optimized.


Define your workflow

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of email templates:

  1. Determine which questions are the most repetitive.
    • Tag your sales tickets and pull a report of the topics driving the most tickets, then drill into those communications to see which questions repeat.
    • If your team does most of it's communication in person or by phone, reporting on the nature of these interactions might be harder. Ask your team which questions reoccur.
  2. Keep your template names simple and clear so they are easy for you and/or your users to find in a list.
  3. You do not need to add an email signature to your templates. Your Gmail signature is automatically added to emails you create in Copper if you check the 'Gmail signature' box in Settings > Email Preferences > Preferences. 

Create an email template

You must create the email template in the Copper web app. You can then send it from either the web app or the Chrome Extension. Before you can create an email template, you must ensure the 'Send and reply from Copper' email setting is activated. To do this:

  1. Sign into your Copper account, and click 'Settings' from the left-hand menu.
  2. Under 'Preferences,' click 'Email Settings.'
  3. Ensure the 'Preferences' in-page tab is selected.
  4. In the 'Email Preference' drop-down menu, ensure 'Send and reply from Copper' is selected.

Now you can create an email template. To create a personal email template that only you can access:

  1. On the 'Email Settings' page, click the 'Templates' in-page tab.
  2. Click the 'Create Template' button.
  3. Give the template a name, and enter your subject and description. 
    create email template.png

Only admins can create “Shared Templates”. As an administrator you can generate and manage email templates for your entire company to use. Navigate to the Shared Templates section and click ‘Create Template’.

You can also add file attachments to your email templates.

add file attachment to email template.png

Note: Please review Gmail's daily send limits to ensure your Gmail integration is optimized.

If you're an Admin you can create shared email templates that your whole team can access:

  1. On the 'Email Settings' page, click the 'Templates' in-page tab.
  2. Click the blue 'Create Template' button.
  3. Give the template a name, and enter your subject and description. 

 Note: Please review Gmail's daily send limits to ensure your Gmail integration is optimized.

Add merge fields, templates and formatting to your email template

To personalize the message in your email template, you can add merge fields. Each merge field that's available to you represents a different default field in Copper. You can add a merge field by typing a '+' or a '#,' or by clicking the '+' icon that appears on the right side of the message field.

insert merge field.png

These are the merge fields you'll have available when creating an email template: 

Recipient Merge Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Title
  • Contact Type
  • Owner
  • Leads and Person Custom Fields (only available when composing emails. Not available for Templates)

Sender Merge Fields:

  • Sender Name
  • Sender Email
  • Sender Phone
  • Sender Company Name

If there is no value for a merge field you've inserted into a template or email, the field will appear in grey with a strike-through styling. You can select the merge field and enter ‘Backup Text’ that will be used in place of that merge field.

backup text.png

When inserted into an email template, recipient merge fields can be identified by the blue highlight, while sender merge fields are highlighted in green.

To add text formatting, highlight the word or section to see all options:

email template formatting options.png

Apply an email template in Copper

  1. Make sure the 'Send and Reply from Copper' email setting is activated.
  2. Click the 'Leads' or 'People' links from the left-hand menu.
  3. Your next step can happen one of two ways:
    • Click the email address displayed in the 'Email' column for the lead or person you'd like to communicate with, and a box will appear to create your email.
    • Click the name of a lead or person record, and you'll see a 'Send email' option above the activity log. Click that to access the box to create your email.
  4. In the box that appears, click inside the space for the 'Message.'
  5. Click the '+' in a circle that appears. You'll see two options when you do:
    • Click the 'Templates' drop-down menu, and select the template you'd like to apply. You can apply as many templates as you'd like to a single email. (Note: You'll want to edit the subject line before sending if you insert multiple templates).
    • If you want to add individual merge fields to personalize your comment further, click the '+' sign and choose from the 'Merge fields' drop-down menu. You can add as many merge fields as you'd like to a single email.


Apply an email template in Gmail

  1. Make sure the Chrome Extension for Gmail is installed and that you're logged into Gmail and Copper through the extension.
  2. Open the email composer and enter your recipient.
  3. Select the pink email templates icon near the bottom of the email composer. This will show you a menu of all your email templates to choose from.

apply an email template through gmail composer.png


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