Changing the profile photo


Copper automatically searches online resources (ie. Google+, LinkedIn etc.) to populate profile pictures for the leads, people, and companies you add to Copper. You can customize any default photos and logos that are added.   

You can do this in either the Copper Chrome Extension, list view, or the contact record page.  

Change a profile photo in the list view

To change photos and logos from the list view:

  1. From the Details tab of a lead, person, or company, click on the List Button at the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down, and select 'Change Profile Image' if the profile already has a picture or select 'Upload Profile Picture' if there isn't one.
  3. Select the image from your computer or Google Drive, and click 'Open.'


Change a profile photo on the contact record page

Lastly you can change or upload a contact's profile picture on their contact record page.  This can be done by clicking on the contact's profile picture or by clicking the three vertical dots just to the right of the record's name on the lefthand side of the contact record page.

To change the photos and logos in the contact record page, follow the instructions for the list view (above) and click the initials or the photos and logos to customize the image.



Finally we can choose the picture we best associate with our contacts.  Please note that profile images must be png, jpg or bmp. The file size must also be 1MB or less to upload.

Change a profile photo in the Chrome extension

  1. Proceed to the Details tab of the lead, person, or company you wish to edit the profile picture.
  2. Hover over the profile picture and click the camera icon.
  3. Select the image from your computer or Google Drive and click 'Open.'


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