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NEW! You can now import your device's contacts into Copper through the iOS app. Click here to learn more.

The Copper iOS app offers many of the features available in our web app so you and your team can manage deals on the go. For information on supported iOS versions, please check our article iOS Supported Versions.

The App is intuitively designed with a navigation bar across the bottom of the screen:


In this article, we'll explore each of the four components of the navigation bar:

Let's move left to right, and get started with the 'Dashboard' icon.

Understand the 'Dashboard' in our iOS mobile app

The 'Dashboard' in our iOS app carries over several of the reports from the 'Today' dashboard in the web app. 


Let's look at each of these reports individually:

All Pipelines - Grab a quick snapshot of the value and count of opportunities in all or each of your pipelines.

Today - See events or tasks that have been assigned to you for today.

Contacts to Add - This section is the same as 'Suggested Contacts' in our web app. These are contacts you've interacted with who are not yet 'Leads' or 'People' in your account. 

Recently Contacted People - See people records you've recently interacted with. This is similar to the 'Recents' section in your smartphone. If you need to follow up with someone you recently chatted with, you can easily find them here. You can use the drop-down menu to alternatively see 'Recently Contacted Companies.'

Understand 'Search' in our iOS mobile app

Run a search for any entity in your account. As you type, suggested results will appear below the 'Search' bar. 


Understand 'Create (+)' in our iOS mobile app

Tapping the + symbol brings up a quick menu that allows you to create a new record.


From the menu, you'll have the option to create a new:

  • Lead
  • Person
  • Company
  • Opportunity
  • Project
  • Task

The record creation screen will reflect both default and custom fields that you may have created, and will respect any record creation rules you may have set up, including mandatory fields, field order, and groupings. 

Understand 'Notifications' in our iOS mobile app

This displays a news feed of the notifications you've received about important events in Copper. You can configure which notifications you receive in the web app; you cannot yet configure this in the iOS app. 


The double checkmark symbol in the upper right of the 'Notifications' page lets you select all notifications as read.

Understand 'More' in our iOS mobile app

While the content in the 'Dashboard,' 'Search' and 'Notifications' sections are important to highlight for mobile users, there are other Copper functionalities we wanted to give you on the go. All these additional features are contained in the 'More' section. 


Let's look at each of these functionalities individually:

Leads, People, Companies, Opportunities, Projects and Tasks - By default, you'll see all records that are visible to you in Copper. 

Filtering - While in list views, click the downward arrow in the upper right of the specific records-type page to narrow down the list of records displayed.  You can also edit and apply a custom filter on the fly.

Sorting - While in list views, click the sort icon (three line triangle) in the top right of the title bar to bring up the sorting menu.  Tap the sort options once for descending order, twice for ascending, or three times to clear the selection.

Click on the name of a record to see the 'Details,' 'Activity' and 'Related' sections of the profile. You can edit these fields and log activities with an @mention, all from your phone.

Settings - View contact information like your name, your registered email address with Copper and the name of your company. You must use the web app to edit that information. You can also read our 'Terms of Service' or 'Privacy Policy' in the 'Settings' section of the iOS app. Finally, you can sign out of the app.

Help & Support - Access our Knowledge Base for helpful documentation on all of our features, including mobile.

Send Feedback - If there is an issue with your app, you can submit a ticket to our Support Team right from this link.

Still have questions?

Still have questions? Ask in our Community, and get answers from our Customer Success Team as well as fellow users.

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