Steak Web Release / January 11, 2018






With last night’s release, we rolled out two highly requested updates to our DevAPI. These updates included adding Days in Stage info to the DevAPI so users can more effectively track the lifecycle of Opportunities. We also made an upgrade to our updated_attributes webhook so any and all fields that could have been updated will now be passed through the API (previously, only a handful of field updates were passed through the API). These two updates are big wins for many of our customers. Cheers!


Update includes:


  • NEW Days in Stage info added to DevAPI
  • NEW All fields now returned in updated_attributes webhook (including address)




Over the holidays, our team worked on cranking out some high-impact bug fixes.  Here are some of the highly requested fixes we rolled out with this release.


  • As part of this release, we rolled out a fix that will prevent users’ private calendar events (marked private by the user) from being displayed on the Calendar on the Dashboard.
  • We alo fixed an issue that was causing users to be unable to connect to RingCentral.
  • With this release, we fixed a bug that was preventing some users from being able to delete the title and names of People and Leads.
  • Before this release, some users were unable to use the ‘enter’ key to open a record from a list view into the full detailed view--now you can use that hotkey again.
  • Prior to this release, when users tried to use the new “Force End Call’ button, the button would sometimes appear unclickable even though it still worked. With this release, we fixed the button highlighting issue so the button always looks (and is) clickable.
  • We also fixed a bug with filters where searching for ‘empty’ on custom drop down was not always returning the correct results. Now, the results are correct.
  • With this release, we also fixed a bug that was preventing some users’ full list of API Keys from being displayed in the app. Now, when a user goes to view their API Keys via Settings, the full API Key list will be displayed.
  • Over the holidays, we also fixed a Chrome Extension bug that would cause users to get stuck if they needed to log out and log back into the Chrome Extension due to updates with the extension. Now, when users need to refresh their extension session because we’ve made updates to improve the extension, we’ll show users a helpful message indicating that they simply need to refresh their browser page.
  • We also fixed a bug over the holidays that was causing new tabs to open from the Chrome Extension when a user clicked on a primary contact link. Now, when users click primary contact links, it goes to the contact info within the extension.
  • Over the holidays, we also fixed a bug in the Chrome Extension that was causing the backspace function to stop working when a user created a record during email composition. Now, whenever our users create records, the backspace function continues to work like a dream.
  • We also fixed a bug that was causing duplicate information to be saved when users were importing data.
  • Over the holidays, we also fixed a bug that was causing merge fields to appear grayed out when replying to emails on the email tracking page.



That's all, folks! Stay tuned for more features and fixes coming soon.



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