4/9/2021 - New in Copper

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Performance improvements

We improved performance in the application as follows:

  • Workflow automation performance processing time has been dramatically reduced

  • Introduced several fixes to improve page load speed

  • Improved performance across list view and search

We’re continuing to invest in boosting application speed across the most visited areas.



  • Hiding template-related tasks - tasks that are created in a Project template are no longer shown in the task list view.

  • Disabling notifications for template-related tasks -  tasks created in project templates that are assigned to members of the team will no longer trigger notifications.

  • Improvements in workflow automation - when setting up a rule to append, the action text now reflects this.  We also resolved an issue with the action step where item names were being cut off.



This week we have addressed bugs reported in the following areas:

  • Mailchimp integration - resolved an issue in list view where contacts were not subscribed to an audience in Mailchimp when this action was performed in bulk.

  • Quickbooks integration - Resolved an issue with invoice display on certain records.

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