4/23/2021 - New in Copper

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Performance Improvements

We’re continuing to make improvements to the performance of the platform.

  • Your opportunity pipelines should be loading faster this week so you can focus on closing those deals! We did this by optimizing how we handle multiple currencies in app.

  • Overall first time load should now be slightly improved as well with some more optimizations we’ve made in the background around how we load fonts 👩‍💻 🧑‍💻


We’ve been working on this one for a while! We’ve completely refreshed our Reports for our Pro and Business accounts!

  • Dashboard Templates -  Read your business like a book with out-of-the-box templates

  • Deep Customization -  Create and customize your own dashboards and insights to personalize Reports for your business

  • Collaboration -  Share insights and update your team with scheduled emails or PDF exports of your dashboards!

  • Cross Record Support -  You can now report on Opportunities based on criteria of the Related Company, and more with cross record reports!


We’ve also been busy improving a few other things over the last couple of weeks

  • LinkedIn Integration powered from our partner LeadJet -  This integration makes it really simple add people to Copper from LinkedIn and it even surfaces Copper information directly in LinkedIn. Even better, once you’ve added them to Copper it also syncs messages that you send them into Copper. This is now available inside the Integrations section in Settings..

  • Project Template Tasks -  When you create a project template we will no longer notify anyone that you assign a task to in that template. Now they’ll only get the notification when you create a new project from this template so they know when they need to contribute to get the project completed.

  • Project Due Date -  The due date now is available when creating a project and is displayed on the board view.

  • Chrome Extension Clean-Up - We removed a redundant [X] close button. Replaced it with a close drawer button.

Other Bugs

We’re continuing to crush bugs 🐞:

  • @Mention In Activity Feed - Fixed an issue within the activity feed where the list of team members when @mentioning a person was truncated and so Andrea got all the @mentions while Yasmine managed to get away with no work 🤔 .  Now, the list of results when @mentioning someone will display at least 3 results and provide the ability to scroll as well so Yasmine can’t get away with it anymore.

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