5/7/2021 - New in Copper

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Performance Improvements

We’re continuing to make improvements to Copper’s overall performance.

  • To improve the performance of list views, we made changes to the way that we cache translations of common object names.


We launched reports but there’s still more work to do  

  • Loading Speed -  Accessing reports from the menu should now be noticeably faster

  • Last Data Refresh -  You can now see when the last data refresh occurred

  • Interface Improvements -  Improvements to improve usability

  • Feedback -  We made it easy to share feedback on our new Reports capabilities. Please let us know what you think.


We continue to work on list views and overall performance.

  • List views -  We made the back navigation more discoverable, so it’s easy to get from a record back to your list.


We’re continuing to crush those bugs 🐞  that you’re letting us know about.

  • Lead status reassignment -  When you remove a lead status and bulk assign a new one, all relevant records will now be properly updated.

  • Related items in Chrome Extension -  We resolved an issue where the count on related objects did not update correctly in the Chrome Extension.

  • Notifications for workflow automation created tasks -  We addressed an issue where email and in-app notifications were not showing when tasks were created using workflow automation. 

  • Renamed entities in search -  Search and search results now display the correct entity name.

  • Reports unresponsive - We had a few users report that Reports became unresponsive after several minutes of usage. This is fixed.

  • Reports showing incorrect primary companies -  We’ve resolved a few cases where Reports were showing the wrong primary company for Opportunities.

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