Relating Emails to Records via the Chrome Extension


Copper allows you to save any email from your Gmail and relate it to an existing item in your Copper account. First, install Copper Chrome Extension for Gmail. Then follow the steps below:

  1.  Sign into your Gmail account.
  2. Open the desired email.
  3. Click on the Copper Icon button in the right corner of the email.
  4. Select 'Relate To' in the drop-down menu:


5. Type the name of the existing item in your Copper account that you would like to relate the email to, such as a lead, person, company, opportunity, or project.

Note: As you type, a drop-down of the existing items in your Copper account will populate. You can select the item from the drop-down.


6. The email is now saved and related to item you specified. Click the Copper Icon button again, the number next to 'Relate To' indicates the number of items related to the email:

relate3.pngNote: Copper will also save any attachments to the email for you. You will see the email in the activity feed of the item you have related the email to.

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